Monetize your blog with Adsense

 Monetize your blog with AdsenseHow To Monetize Your Blog

If you’ve been following my begin a cash creating web log series, along we tend to have: set-up your web log, systematically printed content, and worked to extend your traffic. If you’re averaging over one hundred visits per day, it’s time to contemplate inserting thusme advertising on your web log so you’ll be able to begin earning that aspect financial gain we’ve been talking about!

A great thanks to begin monetizing your journal is with Google Adsense. Adsense is associate degree advertising network go past Google and permits publishers (that’s you) to show text, image, and wealthy media ads on your journal. What makes Google Adsense thus slick, is that the ads area unit mechanically targeted at your site’s content. Adding Adsense ads to your web site is additionally easy: all you have got to try to to is add some script wherever you would like the ad to be shown or use one among the various sdfsd WordPress plugins.

Here’s the catch: optimisation and placement of your ads is essential to however well your ads can perform. one among the largest mistakes new and inexperienced journalgers create is simply slapping Adsense ads on their blog, while not giving thought to UN agency ought to see them, wherever they ought to be placed, what size ought to be used and the way they ought to look. No got to be anxious, I’ll assist you through all of that.


How to make a Google Adsense Account

The first thing you’ll need to do is sign-up for Google Adsense.  To sign up:

  • visit the google  adsenc page
  • click the buttom sing up
  • Complete all of the required information, paying particular attention to your website address.  Make sure this is correct.  This URL cannot contain anything that violates the   Press submit when you’re done.
  • Next you’ll either link your existing Google Account or you’ll produce a brand new one.
  • The final page can show a outline of the knowledge you’ve submitted and raise that you simply ensure.

That’s it. Your Adsense account request has currently been submitted and you’ll got to expect your website to be approved. This method takes anyplace from daily to every week, betting on what number requests Google has at the time. You’ll receive AN email from Google notifying you once you’ve been approved.
In the rare instance that you just don’t seem to be approved, the e-mail from Google can contain data on why and the way to feed back your website. the foremost common reason for a decline is attributable to content. Google reviews your content closely, and can not approve a website that doesn’t meet it’s tips. If this happens, you’ll simply ought to resolve the problem and feed back your website.

  • Adsense Placement

One of the key factors to success with Adsense is that the placement of ads. the subsequent diagram from the Google facilitate pages shows optimum placement employing a heat map (dark orange – strongest performance, lightweight yellow – weakest performance):

placement of ads


note few thing

  •   Adsense will higher below your nav bar – not
  • The nearer Adsense is to your content, the higher it performs. the most effective placement is correct higher than your content
  • If you’ve got a three column theme with a left aspect column, Adsense will well placed during this left aspect column further.

How to create your first Adsense ad

To create your ad, do the following

  • login to adsens acount
  • clik on the MY ADs tab on the op
  • creat new ad unit the new ad screen will appear prompting you for information  your new ad.
  • In the Name field, place a reputation for your ad. I usually use the name of my journal, followed by the ad size. For example: facet financial gain Blogging – giant sq.. The name extremely doesn’t matter, as long because it is purposeful to you.
  • In the Size field, select: 336 x 280 – Large Rectangle ( best performing Adsense ad)size
  • Click Save and get code.
  • Copy the ad code, and save it somewhere handy, as we’ll be using it shortly to show the ad on your site.

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