Homemade Pregnancy Test

Homemade Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy starts the journey of transformations,Physically and mentally both.Pregnancy may be the very stressfull period for you.You make it more memorable period of your life by planning it well.

The important part of the pregnancy is Homemade pregnancy test,and  of course coming on it with terms.Most of the times pregnancy news welcomed warmly,But certain pregnancies are unplanned and Throw you completely off your balance.

There are many medical procedures to confirm your pregnancy.you can check your pregnancy at home by free pregnancy test procedures at your home for your comfort.Intrigued by this idea?

Let’s read  to know about some homemade pregnancy tests which will help you determine the pregnancy

Procedure to detect and confirm pregnancy using pregnancy strip was developed by Margaret Crane in 1968. Millions of women today use the Strip test to confirm their pregnancies. The pregnancy strip is easily available at the chemists, a good gynecologist would always recommend a blood test to confirm the pregnancy.

But before you raise your hopes, celebrate it and rush to a gynecologist, here are a few pregnancy tests that you can make and perform at home, using simple ingredients from  your kitchen.These homemade pregnancy tests may not be completely accurate and shows accurate results, but you can  try them once before taking medical tests.

Dandelion Leaves Pregnancy Test

As an early pregnancy test,Dandelion leaves can be used to confirm the pregnancy.Cut few dandelion leaves and place them

Please note You have to consume lots of water before doing this test.

Things you Need:

Dandelion leaves  2 cups

Things you need to do:

  1. Take 2 cups of dandelion leaves.
  2. Put the leaves in a Plastic container.
  3. Ensure that the container is away from direct sunlight.
  4. Then pass urine on these leaves. The leaves have to totally sink under it.
  5. Wait for around 10 minutes.

Now, if the leaves have red bumps on them, it means that you are pregnant.

Homemade Pregnancy Test


  • Pine Sol

Heres another free test using home made Solution.to make easy for your understand.Let me explain Pine sol is a cleaning agent containing pine oil.Most of the people have pine sol at home for cleansing and other purposes.

Things you need:

  • Pine sol- 1 cup
  • Bowl-1

Things you need to do:

  1. Take the 1 cup of pine sol and 1 bowl.
  2. Add  pine sol in the bowl.
  3. Now add your urine in the bowl.
  4. Observe the reaction.
  5. If the pine sol’s color Dont change, it is a negative result.
  6. Or else, it means that the DIY pregnancy test has given you happy news!

3-Toothpaste Test

Are you surprised to seeing the word “Toothpaste” yes the toothpaste make help to made homemade pregnancy test .the only thing you need to make sure is toothpaste colour is white.

Things you need:

White toothpaste- 2 tbsp

Things you need to do:

  1. Take 2 tablespoons of white toothpaste
  2. Put it into container.
  3. Now add your urine into container.
  4. If its colour changes to blue then you are pregnant.
  5. Also, the paste will start to foam in the event of a positive outcome

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4. Homemade Pregnancy Test with Sugar

This is best homemade pregnancy test thats work.there is not any kitchen where you cant find sugar.This tried and tested method has been in vogue since the time when no one commercially pregnancy testers are not known

    Things you need:

  1.     Sugar – 3 tablespoons
  2.     Bowl -1

      What you need to do:

  1.    Take 3 tablespoons of sugar and 1 bowl
  2. Add the sugar in the bowl
  3. Now directly urine in it.
  4. Wait for 5 minutes
  5. sugar will not be dissolve in the case of positive pregnancy.
  6. Make sure that you undergo this homemade pregnancy test with the first urine soon on waking up

  Mustard Powder Pregnancy Test

Here, i will tell you to make a home pregnancy test using mustard powder! As is the case with all homemade pregnancy tests, even this one is very simple

  Things you need:

  1. Mustard powser -1 Bowl
  2. Bowl- 1 piece
  3. Bath tub

   Things You need to Do:

  1. Take one bowl of Mustard powder
  2. Fill your Bathtub with hot water
  3. mix the mustard powder in bathtub
  4. Take a bath in this water for 45 minutes
  5. wait for two days after bath


  1. If the periods start then result is negative
  2. if periods are not started then you are pregnant

Natural Pregnancy Test with Urine

This is undoubtedly the simplest of all homemade pregnancy tests, as here you require just your first urine of the day. No other ingredients are needed! But here, the only thing is that you have to wait for 24 hours to get the result.

Nonetheless, if you are okay with this waiting period, you can safely take this test.

Things you need:

  1. Urine- ½ cup
  2. Jar with flat surface- 1

Things you need to do:

  1. Collect ½ cup of your first urine of the day soon on waking up.
  2. Now pour the urine into a jar having a flat surface.
  3. Wait for 24 hours.


Now if you see a small layer on the urine, it means that motherhood is not that far from you

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